Who is Ysabel Hilado?


Ysabel Hilado is a 20-year-old ready-to-wear fashion designer based out of Southern California. Her design aesthetic can be described as “street chic” where she draws inspiration from urban street style trends while mixing feminine elements. Whenever she chooses an outfit for the day, Ysabel keeps in mind to "dress like you have a purpose”, which plays a big part into her design process and her target clientele. 

YSABEL's story of discovering HER love for fashion began at a young age...

...from sketching designs to cutting Barbie's clothes. At only 13 years old, Along The Lines Pocket Tees was born where she sold customized pocket tees domestically and internationally. Soon after, Ysabel's social media presence increased with her fashion blog titled Along The Lines of Ysabel that documented her journey as a young entrepreneur along with daily OOTD’s, DIY’s, and YouTube videos. Prior to her first year in college, she was a self taught designer learning strictly from online tutorials.

Ysabel is best known for being one of the twelve teenage fashion designers on Project Runway Junior, Season 1. She attends college and is currently majoring in Fashion Design. 

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Project Runway Junior

PRJ premiered on the Lifetime Network on November 12, 2015 #DesignerYsabel