If you are putting in an order for a CUSTOM GARMENT please provide...

  1. What exactly you're looking for. A circle skirt? Jersey dress? Two piece set for the homecoming dance?
  2. Inspiration, pictures, or details of what you want to be incorporated into the final design. Please note that if you want and expect an EXACT copy of a prom dress, I suggest going to a seamstress. 
  3. Where you're located (so I know whether to schedule fittings or not).
  4. When you would need the piece completed by. I suggest contacting me about 3+ months in advance for big pieces like gowns and dresses being worn to events such as prom and debuts. If you need a certain piece in a shorter time frame, please email me regarding the situation and I may be able to work something out.
  5. If you can, provide your measurements of bust/waist/hips or your general clothing size on shirts, dresses, pants, etc...

Final pricing will be discussed through DM or email. Remember that it's a custom, one-of-a-kind piece ;)

If you are putting in an order for MINNIE EARS, please provide...

  1. What kind of ears you're looking for.
  2. Inspiration or pictures of what you want
  3. Where you're located (so I know whether to arrange a pick up/drop off or shipping)
  4. Quantity needed
  5. When you would need the ears completed by

The main portion of the pricing is determined by how complex your design of choice is. Ears will usually take about a week or so to make depending on the quantity needed.  I'm also open to customizing Mickey Hats and whatever you need for a successful and fun Disneyland trip! 

You're also welcome to message me on any of my social media networks! I check my messages daily and I try to reply within an hour or so.


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