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DIY Wrapped Waist Top

Wow, so it has been almost a month that I haven't blogged anything! I've been busy with school, working on my portfolio, and all that fun stuff. With the New Year rolling in, I'm definitely ready to continue on with new projects and posts to share.

Here's my last DIY video post for 2015. It's a fairly easy top with a wrapped waist tie and a raglan sleeve. I finished this top in a little under 3 hours, so check it out!

Fabric Wholesale Direct provided me with the amazing Ponte de Roma fabric, so be sure to check it out & use my code atlofysabel for $5 off your order! ;)

Here are the pattern pieces I used for this project:

The sleeve piece and the main top piece should match up each other on the sides as seen above.

Raglan sleeves are my favorite and I knew I had to incorporate it into this design. I had a one inch seam allowance on the outer sides that were to be sewn, except the right side that says "on the fold," where I place it on the fold of my fabric and cut it out to have an even sleeve.

For the beginners out there who want to make a pattern for the raglan sleeve, I would suggest playing around with a regular t-shirt and copying the sleeve down on pattern paper, then tinker around with it to have it match the raglan look.

For the sleeve's hem, I gave a two inch seam allowance so I could decide how to fold them.

As for the main top part, there is a one inch seam allowance all around except the bottom, which is two. 

Refer to my previous tutorial on how to make a halter top out of a tank top, and it should give you a better idea on how to cut out the shape of the main top pieces: 

Details of the top:

Xoxo, Ysabel