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DIY Halter Neck Dress

Another tutorial?! YES! In this quick post, I'll be showing you how I made this cotton dress from my collection with no pattern necessary!

You're going to need...

- A yard of your fabric of choice
- An existing dress or long tank/shirt
- Basic sewing tools such as scissors, needles, measuring tape...etc

Much love to Fabric Wholesale Direct  for providing me with the wonderful cotton voile. Here is the link to the fabric I used:


1-3 hours depending on your experience



With your existing dress or long tank/shirt, fold one side over the other. Lay it out on the fold of the fabric and trace around it. You can also alter the pattern to your liking, such as changing the scoop neck to a halter neck and extending the dress to be longer. Make sure to always give a couple inches of seam allowance.

Cut around the existing dress. 

Open your pattern piece. I decided on a halter neck, so I altered the pattern by cutting off a few inches from the arm hole/neck areas.

Make sure you cut two pieces out. Since I"m working with cotton voile and it's quite thin, I also had to cut out a lining.

Using my dress form, I placed the fabric to where I want it to be, which is a little under the neck.You don't need a dress form for this step (you can hold the fabric against yourself), but it's a great visual. 

I put a little too much length into the dress, so I'll be cutting off about 3 inches.

Hem around all your fabric pieces. 

Pin your fabric right sides in and pin along the sides, going all the way down towards the bottom of the dress and sew!

If you have a serger, don't forget to serge your fraying ends! You can also do this with a zig zag stitch.

If you only have one fabric to work with -- great! You're basically done and all you have to do is add the straps! Depending how long or wide your want your straps to be, cut out a 3x7 inch rectangle from your leftover fabric, folding it together in half, and sewing along the side of it. Here's a little diagram:

However, since I designed this piece to be a part of my collection, I can show you guys how else I altered the dress.

Since I'm using cotton voile as the main fabric at the top, I simply just overlapped it on top of the lining and connected them together.

Here's how it came out for me after sewing everything together.

As for the straps, I love placing them in intricate ways so I weaved them through each other.

With the left over cotton voile, I also added an overlapping front piece for effect as well as on the back.

I also added a tie in the back.

Thank you for reading this tutorial! You're always welcome to leave any questions + feedback!

Ysabel Hilado...#DesignerYsabel