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DIY Minnie Mouse Ears

For Christmas, I made two of my best friends a pair of Minnie Ears! If you know me, Disney is the next best thing to my passion for fashion design. We're ALWAYS at Disneyland (we literally know both parks like the back of our hands), so I thought I might as well make some personalized ears that they can wear during our trips. 

I went with a simple Hawaiian theme, perfect for the spring and summer coming up. I bought half a yard of fabric each from Michael Levine's in Los Angeles. The fabric was actually imported from Hawaii, so that's pretty cool.

Here's the first pair of ears:

Making these were definitely a fun break from sewing actual clothes! I loved these black and white ears since you can wear them with almost any outfit (yes, Disney is that important for outfit coordination).

These certain flowers were purchased from Michael's. They were on a stem, and I just cut them off as I glued them on.

The ears's fabric is sewn, and I just stuffed it with foam I cut out to make the ear's shape, and some polyester stuffing.

Now, the second Minnie Ears:

I love the fabric choice on this one! I'm not so fond of color, but this was absolutely adorable for this project.

These roses were purchased at a shop across Michael Levine's in LA (LA garment district locals, you might know where this is) and this store has a VARIETY of different colored fake flowers and other little decorations in there.

Every flower and leaf was hot glued down.

Let me know if you'd like to see a YouTube tutorial on these ears! 

xoxo, Ysabel