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DIY Off The Shoulder Top

A lot of who I am today as a blogger began as DIY posts and tutorials. No matter how busy I'll get, I'll definitely find the time to post one here and there.

I have collaborated with FIDM Fashion Club to bring today's tutorial: an off the shoulder top from an exisiting button up! It's definitely one of my more super quick and easy to folllow videos, AND you get to upcycle! This top is a perfect go-to piece that is a necessity in every closet. Check out the tutorial here:

Fun fact: these pictures were shot when it was about 105 degrees outside...1/10 would not recommend, but the lighting is absolutely on point.

College is going great so far! I'm glad to say that I am very much situated and chillin' with my schedule.

I have lots of upcoming projects to share with you all! Even though I haven't blogged since I dropped my collection, best believe that I've been working on some new and fun content for y'all to see. I post more regularly on my Instagram, so be sure to follow @atlofysabel.