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HOMECOMING 2015 | DIY Homecoming Dress

My very last homecoming dance. I've been going to homecoming since my freshman year, and I can't believe it's over.  Senior year is beginning to fly by! I love homecoming for many reasons. It's a chance to dress up with your friends and look flyer than ever, while dancing your butt off all night and possibly ripping part of your dress (yeah, I went way too hard last night). My friends and I also did a photo shoot and went out to dinner after it, so overall the day was very full of fun.

To me, the greatest part of homecoming is dressing up. This is the second year I made my own homecoming dress, and I was very happy with the results. I wanted something simple yet edgy.

 I went with separates -- one of my biggest strengths as a designer. I love matching fabrics to make one whole cohesive look.

I made the whole dress out of a dark jean fabric from Mood LA. Although at first I was a bit scared and skeptical to work with jean, I'm so glad I chose it. Overall, the dress was about $50, including the zippers and extra notions put into it.

This dress fit me like a GLOVE as you can tell. It took me about to week for me to make this happen, since I had to work on it after school for a few hours in the middle of homework and all that fun school responsibilities. If I had an entire day to myself, this dress probably would have taken just one day to make.

Me lookin' crazy
As for styling this dress, I just wore some lace up heels and carried a black clutch (not shown in these photos). My make up and hair was done by me, and I was pretty proud of that as well.

Now, here are some more photos from the shoot with my friends:

 I will be putting out a DIY Homecoming Dress tutorial next week, so look out for that!

xoxo, Ysabel