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DIY Brandy Melville Jada Dress Dupe

Simple and flowy dresses are trending for spring. One dress that particularly stood out to me was the Brandy Melville Jada dress. I love how the dress is constructed, and I think open back dresses are a necessity to any closet. I was in need of a simple spring/summer go-to dress. Since the closest Brandy Melville was about 30-45 minutes away and I wasn't trying to travel half of the world to get one dress, I decided to try to make it myself. Here's a picture of my inspiration:

I believe I bought about 4 yards of fabric for $12 since I'm very prone to messing up and I rather have lots of extra fabric then running short in a middle of a project. I'm really not sure what type of fabric I used, but it's definitely much more thicker and less see through than the original Jada dress. I bought half of yard of white trim for about $1.50 as well to attach to the back instead of just a simple string. Just thought it would add a cute and simple touch to the dress.

I made my own template for the first top half of the dress and just altered it. I used this tutorial from Instructables (definitely one of my favorite DIY websites next to Pinterest):

 Basically, the dress is set up as a tank with an open back connected to 3 tiers of a cut up circle skirt. Here's how I cut out my tanks:

I ironed and pressed my seams on the tank for a cleaner look.

The finished crop tank, which went just a little above my belly button.

I didn't take pictures of how I put my skirt together, mainly because I was getting frustrated with the measurements and trying to make it work. It was a huge trial and error scenario for me especially since I had no real tutorial for this dress, so I'm sorry if my explanations aren't very clear ):

Basically for the bottom half of the dress, I used a circle skirt pattern I made then cut it up into three parts/tiers as seen in the image below. I tried to double and triple the size since I gathered the fabric to give that ruffle effect. The longest length you should end up with is that smallest bottom piece. 

I use this tutorial for many of my skirts:

This tutorial also helped with the basis of putting it together, but it doesn't do the three-part skirt I do:

Here's how it looks like put together. I connected the top tier (largest piece) to the tank then worked my way down for the bottom two tiers.

Here's one of my gathered pieces:

About a day and half later, I finished the dress! I don't have a serger, so I just zigzagged stitched any ends.

I added the trim to the back last, and it also prevents the straps of the tank from falling. It's like the last piece to a puzzle. :)

I added a lot more ruffles than my original vision because of the gathering, but It still looks great and fuller. To lessen the ruffles on the dress, don't gather as much fabric together and really even it out throughout that fabric piece.

Here's a link to my OOTD with this dress:

Thank you for reading one of my very first DIY tutorials! :) If you have any other questions, want to leave feedback, or would like me to clarify anything, please leave a comment!

xoxo, Ysabel