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DIY Origami Top

You will need:
1. One yard of fabric. I used a maroon jersey fabric for this project.
2. Scissors, pins, measuring tape or ruler, and something to make marks with.
3. Pattern paper, or if you want to go the cheaper route like I did, wrapping paper!


About 1 1/2-2 hours

Making the pattern:

Refer to one of my previous tutorials when drafting the top part: 

I traced a crop top to get the top's shape, then for this jersey tutorial, I extended it down to make it longer for the "origami" bottom (which is why you can see I taped two pieces of wrapping paper together). How long/oversized you want the top to be is completely up to you.

Cut one side of the origami bottom off from the pattern; you're going to need it! In total, you should have two pattern pieces: the main body part, and the piece you just cut. Here's a little diagram to help:

Cut out your fabric! You should have four pieces in total.

Overlap the pieces above each other. Make sure the front of the fabric is faced towards the INSIDE when you sew.

Connect them at the shoulders then turn inside out.

Fold over the edges once or twice at the bottom 1/2 an inch and sew along it for a cleaner look.

Position and connect the second piece of fabric onto the main top, then sew. Try to follow the stitches you already made when you folded over the edges on the main body pieces.

Looking good so far! 

Sew along the sides of the top to put it together.

Now on to the sleeves!

Cut out rectangles to the desired width of the sleeves. You will be folding it over to match up with the arm holes. 

After you fold it over, make a slight curve on the sleeve piece you're connecting to match up with the arm holes.

Sew it on!

For the neckline, I decided last minute I wanted a "v-neck" cut. From the scoop neck, I cut one side of the top to make a "v"shape. Refer to one of my previous tutorials for how to do the binding:

To be honest, the fabric I used for the neck binding wasn't the greatest; it was all I had at the time and I couldn't find ribbing in any store around my area. I highly suggest investing in some ribbing for the neckline!

The final result! My first piece on my new dress form! :)

As you can see, quite a clean cut origami styled bottom.

The neckline isn't too bad!

The back is just as nice as the front.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below!

xoxo, Ysabel
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