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DIY Fringe Kimono

Kimonos are a necessity for this spring season. They come in all different colors and patterns that can appeal to anyone, and most of them are light weight and can be easily incorporated into any outfit. I've literally seen this trend in every retail store I've been stepping into. Specifically, my favorite would have to be the fringe kimono. It's simple, yet the fringe adds easy style. 

I bought a sheer black fabric from the LA Fabric District at only two dollars per yard. Their low price fabric is absolutely heaven, and most of them are at the greatest quality. I bought 4 yards, totaling to only $8! The fringe is also from the Fabric district, 4 dollars per yard, so I bought 2. Total cost: $16! :)

I didn't take any photos about the cutting and sewing process, but I used this tutorial for the whole thing, and it's very easy to read/self-explanatory:

Here's the turn out! It came out better than I expected. I added pockets to both sides as well. I love how the sleeves came out to be very flowy and long.

The fringe was definitely a great aspect to this kimono.

I did end up with extra fabric and about more than 1/2 a yard of fringe left, but I love having left overs so I can experiment on more clothing items :)

Check out how I styled this kimono:

Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Ysabel