The “I Design” Series

I created the I Design series to show my design process from initial inspiration to completion

This past year, I’ve thought a lot about what I should do next to challenge myself as a designer. It was time to take a break from doing collections and go back to my roots to remember why I started designing in the first place. YouTube has always been a big part of my life growing up, especially since I taught myself all things sewing and design through watching video tutorials. This series marks a fresh start for my channel and to a new journey ahead. Inspiration can literally be found everywhere we look, so I hope you guys will enjoy the content that I’ll be putting out these next few months with I Design!

— Ysa

I Design an Outfit Inspired by Takis


This first category of the series is called Chips and Fits. Getting design inspiration from chip bags was the very first idea that pushed me to start this all. If you know me personally, you already know that Takis had to be the first one up. Can you guess what’s next? ;)

Photography by Mikael Angelo