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Back To School Essentials
bts essentials

It's mid August and school is creeping back up real quick. Here are some clothing essentials to keep in mind if you're having trouble finding those perfect pieces:

1. Basics: For those days when you wake up 30 minutes late and you want to look decent, turn to basics in your closet. Tops such as a loose tank, oversized cotton shirt, or a simple halter neck top are simple items that you can just throw on and pair with a simple necklace, ripped jeans, and boots. When you wake up 30 minutes late, you don't need to show it! (;
2. "Dressy" tops: There are those days when you just want to add a little more to an outfit. Buying tops such as a t-shirt with bold patterns, a cut out crop top, or even a simple button up can add that easy chic style.
3. Jackets, sweaters, cardigans/kimonos: For those chillier days, it's best to buy a jacket or two! Leather and jean jackets are timeless pieces that can go with any outfit. Pull over sweaters are a must as well for your lazy days. If your school is super strict on dress code, of course that backless shirt  out top won't cut it, but there's a simple solution. Cardigans and kimonos are your best friend in defeating the dress code (and of course you can take it off and show off that cute backless top when admin isn't around you, duh!).
4. "Go-to" shoes: We all have that pair of shoes we throw on because they're just so comfortable! Find a shoe that you'll love day to day whether it's a basic sandal, a pair of Rainbows, or Nike Roshes.
5. Basic bottoms: Versatile bottoms are perfect for your casual or dressy days at school. Ripped jeans, joggers, and circle skirts are a few simple bottoms that can be worn with anyone's style. Of course, simple black leggings are a must. Period.
6. The perfect bag: "The perfect bag" is defined in many ways depending on who you are, what you do, and how much you carry. A few types of bags that can fit a perfect amount of items are a simple tote, a crossbody satchel, and a simple rucksack style backpack.