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My favorite 2013 summer trends
Fave summer trends
I can't believe it's already August! School is sadly starting soon. ): It's not too
late to make a post about my favorite summer trends, though! 

Crop tops: I definitely love crop tops. I have a little section in my closet for them from a plain black crop top to a bold colored bustier. I also recently started loving cute bow crop tops, and am in the works of a DIY! 

Unique logo shirts: Logo shirts really made a comeback this summer! They're definitely an easy way to add something bold to your look. I am in love with the cute unique looking ones, such as a repeated banana print, or just plain ol' lipstick'd lips.

High waist pants/shorts/skirts: High waist bottoms are easy to pair with and are super versatile with any outfit. I enjoy American Apparel's endless collection of high waist items. Also, you can add your own flare to it, especially with high waist shorts, where you can DIY and stud them, bleach them, and all that fun stuff!

Strappy sandals/ankle boots/sneakers: Shoes definitely tie up a look together. I love strappy sandals, especially Jeffery Campbell's! Open leather ankle boots (or boots like Doc Martens) are to die for. Also, High top shoes such as Vans' SK8-Hi & Converse add that little cute tomboy-ish feel to an outfit. 
Ruffled socks: Plain socks are boring. Enough said.