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Prom 2015: Choosing THE Dress
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It's that time of the year again: Prom. When most girls hear the word "prom", there are a million chaotic thoughts and questions going around our minds such as: "Is anyone even going to ask me this year?", "I need to lose some major weight" or the best one, "Where's the after party going to be?". However, the biggest question is, "What am I going to wear?" The dress, or should I say, THE dress is the ultimate make it or break it aspect of prom night. You will remember THE dress, be THE dress, and make some memories in THE dress. Luckily, there are a variety of dresses to choose from. I have selected 6 different go-to styles:

1. The simple open back. You can never go wrong with the original open back. Go low or even lower (but not too low if you know what I mean) for a dramatic look. People won't expect it when they look back at you!

2. The lace dress. There are many different variations to a dress when it comes to playing with lace fabric; whether it's the top bodice being lace or even the whole dress from top to bottom. Lace is always timeless and a classic. 

3. The mermaid dress.  These dresses are form fitting on the body and end with a biased, fluffy, skirt-like bottom. Show off that fabulous body you have!

4. The strappy back.  Whether it's criss crossed like an "x" or designed to be weaved through like a picnic basket, strappy backs are a much more "fun" alternative to an open back. 

5. The two piece.  Choose a two piece dress because you know that dance floor is about to be yours till midnight. A two piece is definitely much more breathable and free for your upper body so you can pop it all night long.

6. The ombre dress. Don't know what certain shade of blue you want on your dress? An ombré dress is the solution! An ombré effect can add on a "wow" factor to a dress, rather than it just being just one color.

Here are some additional tips to help you choose that perfect dress:
1. Remember that it's your night and you want to enjoy it as much as possible. Choose something you know you'll be happy with so you won't be sulking about your dress during dinner.
2. Be confident with your body and please yourself. If you like a certain dress, then get it. Don't have any second thoughts just because you feel like it won't appeal to your body type. Flaunt what you got and make the most of it. 
3. Do your research! This is important especially when browsing online for a dress. One site may have a better deal than another; but there are also risks with that too, so make sure the sites you are on are trustworthy. I'm sure you've heard of dress horror stories where a dress that has been bought online ended up looking like the complete opposite of what they wanted. Don't be that person and be wise!

When is your prom and what are you planning to wear? I hope you find the dress of your dreams! Stay safe, smart, and have fun prom night!

xoxo, Ysabel