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Spring/Summer Essentials
Spring/Summer Essentials

Spring/Summer Essentials by alongthelines featuring Free People

So many trends have been in store this spring and upcoming summer season! Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Loose, oversized jerseys: I love the oversized jersey look over leggings, distressed jeans, and shorts. I've seen a variety of jerseys, from UNIF's "666" and "ON 1", to all floral jerseys from BooHoo. I think it's such a quick fix to a plain outfit that adds that sporty and street style feel to it.
  • Mesh tops: Mesh tops are cute way to showcase bralettes, bustiers, and bikinis.
  • Kimonos: The kimono trend is one of my absolute favorites! It's just like lazily throwing on a cardigan over an outfit, except a kimono adds more spark to an outfit. There are so many kimonos, from fringe bottoms, to flowers, bold patterns, and even neon colors. There's a kimono for everyone's taste.
  • Crochet/Lace tops: Crochet and lace tops definitely give that summer beach vibe to any outfit.
  • Halter tops: Lately, halter tops are everywhere from Brandy Melville to TopShop! I think halters add a twist to an outfit rather than just wearing a plain tank top.
  • Loose dresses: Loose dresses are a must! Style examples include subtle ruffles, open back, and a-line dresses. Brandy Melville has definitely been the store for cute, summery dresses, but many other amazing stores such as Nordstrom's BP and PacSun carry adorable ones as well.
  • Ripped/distressed jeans and shorts: I never fully understood this trend, but I just love the way it looks with outfits. I would say ripped/distressed is very grungy, but it really works with anyone's taste. It just spices up an outfit well.
  • Loose shorts: There are so many patterns, colors, and styles with loose shorts. I've seen them all, from high waist leather, floral, lace/crochet, to funky designs and mesh.
  • Button up skirts: Button up skirts are definitely something refreshing to see rather than the simple circle skirt.
  • Bralettes: Bralettes look great when showcased within see-through tops, mesh tees, muscle shirts, and literally any top that gives you a chance to show off that bralette.
  • Lace up shoes: Lace up shoes are to die for! I especially love tie up heels, like the ones from Steve Madden. 
  • Oversized sunglasses: Oversized sunglasses really look great during any season, but during the spring/summer season, wear em' all out!
  • Bucket hats: Love em' or hate em', bucket hats come in many different patterns and colors that particularly look great with a street style outfit.