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May 28

I haven't done an OOTD post in a reaaaaaaaaal long time, so I thought now would be a great since I'm on a little vacation away from home (and ignoring all my responsibilities, like 3 projects due next week).

I pretty much threw this outfit together. I only had an hour to pack yesterday, threw a bunch of my favorite pieces in a small luggage, and left that same night for Vegas...which reminds me, today marks one month I've been 18. What does an 18 year old do in Vegas? Nothing.

I'm wearing a cropped tank from Zara, suede culottes from Forever 21, and a plaid button up from Nordstrom BP. The button up is actually a dress, but it also looks great as a long vest on my all black outfit.

As for accessories, my hat is Kendall & Kylie from PacSun, my clutch from Forever 21, and my booties from Zara.

This dress/vest also has pockets...I love pockets.

Anyways, I'm graduating soon and I'll be getting back into the groove of things once summer kicks in. Expect a whole blog renovation, possibly a URL/name change, and more posts! 

xoxo, Ysabel