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Black Easter

Even on Easter you can still find me wearing all black. I spent my Easter weekend at the wonderful San Juan Capistrano, visiting the breathtaking church. Outside was beautiful, Spring weather; not too hot not too cold with a chill breeze.

In this outfit, I am wearing my DIY fringe kimono. I love kimonos because they complement and top off any outfit well, and they are very lightweight. I wore a snakeskin halter top from PacSun, along with some Forever 21 patterned high waist jogger-like pants. They are loose, free, and comfortable enough to walk around with, just like some regular pajama pants. My shoes are just some regular black Doc Martens, and these are literally my go-to shoe for every outfit. For accessories, I used a small black gold chain shoulder bag with faux fur on the flap, a pair of gold stud earrings, and of course, my circle sunnies that I wear with almost every outfit. Lastly, I adore my hair! Three corn rows on the side of my head into a ponytail is now one of my favorite hair styles, and it's just so me.