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CA to NY

Sometimes I feel like I belong in New York, so I try to dress like a "New Yorker" who has to go around in snowy temperatures, when really, it's only 67 degrees with a slight chance of light rain here in Southern California. 

I can't wait to feature this AMAZING clutch with y'all, so keep reading and enjoy! ;)

Click the pictures for maximum quality! 
I spent the afternoon at a local park about 20 minutes away. It's not just any regular park, but this place had some cool exhibits and history to it (and also a perfect place to take pictures). Apparently, my parents say I've been here before when I was a child, but how was I supposed to remember? Anyways, it was a gorgeous and serene place to be, and it made me feel like nature was calling at me.

So back to the outfit. I decided to go for a very simple, monochrome, street style look (what's new?), like something you'd see out in the city (I'm having New York withdrawals, okay?).

I went with my favorite: an over sized coat! Coats are definitely a lifesaver and necessity of mine to wear in this type of weather, and I love how all the stores at the mall have them out in different colors and styles. Mine is from H&M, and at a steal for only $15! Can I get an AMEN for sales?

With the coat, I paired it up with a color blocked top from Forever 21.

How I'll be walking at graduation in 5 months
I finally got my hands on a pair of inexpensive leather pants from Zara, and I think I could sleep in them if I really wanted to. Leather pants are another favorite fall/winter staple of mine, so I was happy to find some. They add instant edge to a look and spice it up well without being too crazy like wearing highlighter neon pants.

My shoes are Nike Internationalists, and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned. If you're looking for a great pair of casual wear shoes, I would suggest these because they are easy to mix and match with outfits.

Of course, had to top off the look with a New York hat I bought at the JFK airport. I couldn't leave without it!

Now, here's a close up of the clutches:

This is part of the wonderful Beth Flanery's #fabulousfriendsproject and I have to admit, when she asked me to be a part of it I was beyond flattered! I met her through my dad, and once we became Facebook friends I stalked saw her work. I instantly fell in love with how unique her aesthetic is as an artist and designer. Everything she makes is one of a kind, and I feel like they should be displayed in art museums around the world and put into a New York Fashion Week collection.

Prior to making this clutch, Beth definitely paid close attention to what I loved. She really wanted to incorporate me and my personality into this clutch, and she nailed it spot on with putting my FAVORITE fabrics: leather, lace, and jean. 

I wish I did an unboxing video because my reaction was priceless when I first saw this. Look at how perfect that hand painted graffiti of my name is?! No words to express how amazing it looks on the leather.

The back of the clutch is adorable. Everything from the studs, lace, and hint of leather all flow together real well. She used an actual pair of pants, I love how the pockets are centered and each of the pockets has its' own touch to it. On the left pocket above, there is a piece of leather tucked into it and I thought that was such a great and thoughtful detail. 

I was pleasantly surprised to open the clutch and see this zebra lining! It's an extra detail to the whole "wow" factor this clutch gives.

Much love to Beth for putting in the time to make this for me. I will cherish it forever and ever!

Check out more about Beth and her work:

Oh, and here's a cute picture of my mom and I.
xoxo, Ysabel