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Basic in Black

A basic all black outfit with gold details for a Mother's Day dinner at my relative's house. I thought a plain ol' dress would be the way to go along with some flats, especially in this weird Southern California weather. One week it's 72 degrees and below, and the next it's literally 102. I'm highkey hating this weather with a passion, but hey, I get to wear basically any season's clothes from my closet.

In this outfit, my lovely simple black dress from H&M was given to me by one of my good friends on my 16th birthday two weeks ago. I love the lace patches on the side cut outs, and it's not crazy like other side cut out dresses I've seen. Loose and flowy dresses are definitely a fave of mine for the spring time. My pointed toe strapped flats are from Forever 21, as well as my gold chain and my sunglasses. My studded bag is from Nordstrom BP, and I adore the gold studs on the sides. Gold accents will forever be my favorite with all black outfits.