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Leather and Sequins

Happy New Year to all my readers! I'm going on my third year with this blog and it has definitely evolved and grown since then. I started this blog towards the end of my freshman year, and now I'm FINALLY about to graduate high school! Shout out to the Class of 2016 ;)

Let's start out the year with an OOTD that I wore on New Year's Eve.

When looking at my local mall for a "New Year's Eve" outfit, I came across dozens of sequin dresses, pants, skirts--you name it. For some crazy reason, I am becoming quite fond of sequins. Usually I am a very monochrome color type of person, but I love how a sequined piece can add some color and spark to a look. However, I'm not about to pull up to a family gathering looking like a pinata. I was looking for a piece that can easily be incorporated into more casual looks.

Forever 21 is definitely a store that really spoke to me with the piece I had in mind. I found this floral sequined top for only $5.Yes, I'm serious. Five. Dollars. I felt like the fashion Gods were on point with me. The top is perfect especially for the new year, since one of Pantone 2016's color of the year is Rose Quartz. I instantly fell in love with it, and I will be wearing this piece until my sequin phase dies down.

With the top, I decided to wear leather (actually pleather because I'm a high school student who can't afford real leather) for the rest of pieces so the sequined top can really shine.

My jacket is from Zara, and a wonderful Christmas gift from my mom! The leather culottes I also bought from Forever 21 are to die for.

As for shoes and accessories, my lace up flats were a steal at Old Navy for only $14 and my embossed clutch is also from Forever 21.

Follow your dreams and prosper! Anything is possible, and I'm very excited for the rest of the year.

Much love!
xoxo, Ysabel