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All I See is Black and White
During the weekend on my way to my Dad's birthday party, I had the opportunity to stop by this beautiful preforming arts center near my house and shoot some photos of my "outfit of the day". The outside of the place is modern looking, and the area I went to had a nice little garden-like vibe to it. I thought it would be the perfect background for my attire, especially since I had a floral print pattern on my dress. It was lovely outside as well, and the weather couldn't be better. My outfit consists of a very simple yet dressy casual look with a black and white color scheme.

In this outfit, I am wearing a floral black and white bodycon dress from Forever 21. Recently I have been loving floral prints, so when I came upon this dress I just had to buy it! And the best part? It was a steal at only $10! With the dress, I have paired it up with some adorable woven strappy sandals that I bought online from PLNDR. The style is very similar to 3.1 Phillip Lim's PJ Runway woven leather booties. For accessories, I wore a black brimmed fedora that I bought from the LA Fashion District, along with a fringe shoulder bag from Charlotte Russe.