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Throwback Thursday: Summer Lovin'

Summer felt so close yet so long ago! Lately I have been missing a few aspects of it, such as my glowing tan from the month long 5am cheer practices and spending 8 hours in the sun for a week during cheer camp (eh, maybe just the tan), summer adventures with my friends, and of course, having no worries about school. 

I also miss my summer clothing as well! The endless shorts, crop tops, and sandals are just sitting there in my closet waiting for its' seasonal return later this year. T-minus 5 wonderful months until summer vacation...and to be honest, I just got really sad typing that sentence because I realized how long that is from now....

This outfit can't get any more summery chic. The main focus of this look is definitely my printed jumpsuit from Francesca's Boutique! During the summer, I was quite on the line with the jumpsuit trend because I haven't found the one that stood out to me. However, once I came across this one, I fell in love! The designs and details on the fabric are eye catching, especially with the orange embroidery on the top half of the jumpsuit. I also love the v-neck line and the overlapping pieces as well!

To add on to the look, I had to wear my oh-so-dramatic floppy hat from Forever 21, my (used to be) signature circle sunnies from Zero UV (which I recently lost because stupid me left it on the table at Red Robin), and a pair of simple, strappy sandals.

I just need these next 5 months to go by quick because it's about to be my last high school summer! My senior year of high school is coming real soon, but that's a whole other life changing topic.

xoxo, Ysabel