Project runway junior season 1

Many of you may have come across me because of Project Runway Junior.

Yes, I am that girl who did not know what Gilligan's Island was, got eliminated on an unconventional challenge the second episode AND showcased my best crying face on national television. Great times :-)


the process

As I was checking my email at 10:45 PM on a school night, I came across a Project Runway Junior casting through a FIDM Fashion Club subscription. It was the best email I have ever read. Within a week, I started putting everything together from my portfolio to my audition video.  

The audition process was a whole other story...about a four month process with a lot of waiting in between. There were times where I asked myself if this was even worth it because I knew I was going against hundreds of other talented teenagers. Of course, now that I look back at it, I'm glad that I didn't give up; however, it is still mind blowing to know that I, a random Filipino girl from Cerritos, CA, made it all the way down to the final cut. 



Project Runway Junior premiered on November 12th, 2015 on Lifetime. It was the first season EVER, so being chosen as 1 of the 12 young talented designers is such a blessing. One of the best parts of this experience was being able to gain a close knit family of 11 other designers; some of us like myself have never been around people who share the same strong passion for design. I grew up watching Project Runway religiously and to be a part of the show is still so mind blowing. Be sure to watch us make it work!