About YSabel


My name is Ysabel Hilado. I'm a 19 year old ready-to-wear fashion designer based out of Southern California. My design aesthetic can be described as "Street Chic" where I draw inspiration from urban street style trends while mixing feminine elements. Whenever I choose an outfit for the day, I always keep in mind to "dress like you have a purpose" and that plays a big part into my whole design process. 

My story of discovering my love for fashion began at a young age...

...from sketching designs to cutting Barbie's clothes. In eighth grade, I sold pocket tees under an online store branded as Along The Lines Pocket Tees. After two years of being in business, people were wearing my tees around the area while I also shipped them out domestically and internationally. Sophomore year of high school, I stopped selling and wanted to learn the real process of designing a piece from start to finish and I also wanted to get more involved in the industry. I started a blog back in 2013 called Along The Lines of Ysabel that documented my journey as a young entrepreneur, while capturing my #OOTD's and DIY's. I also became a self taught designer and learned everything from sketching to pattern making from online tutorials; my first real sewing class was just taken during my first semester of college. So many blessed opportunities have come through since then, from being able to share my love for design through YouTube tutorials, to getting cast as 1/12 teenage fashion designers on season 1 of Project Runway Junior!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! I hope you'll get to watch me grow as I continue on my journey to become the fashion designer I want to be.

Be sure to follow me on social media to keep up with my latest work! 

xoxo, Ysabel